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Ordering Is Easy - Key Information Below


  • DO have the referring ACN IBO’s ID number ready for verification during the ordering process.
  • DO complete and submit your order yourself. No one else can complete the order for you.
  • DO complete your order ONLY via the ACN DIRECTV Hotline at 855-443-4485.
  • DO have a credit card available for any upfront payment and AutoPay.
  • DO enter the correct email address and contact number. DIRECTV or the Installer will use your information to notify you of your order status.
  • DO choose the earliest installation date possible. Note: Holidays may affect installation dates.
  • DO ensure someone of the age of 18 or older is present during the installation.
  • DO attain property management approval.


  • DON’T have the ACN IBO submit an order or contact DIRECTV on your behalf. You must complete the order process, which includes important acknowledgments and terms related to your service.
  • DON’T provide the ACN IBO's email address of the IBO's mobile number instead of yours.
  • DON’T use the ACN IBO's credit card for the upfront payment. Only use your credit card.
  • DON’T use a pre-paid credit card, cash cards or gift cards when placing orders. You must use a valid credit or debit card.
  • DON’T cancel your existing TV provider until your DIRECTV via Satellite service has been installed.
  • DON’T order directly from directv.com or by calling DIRECTV.

Important IBO Number Information:

During the order process, please verify or enter the ID of the ACN IBO who referred you so they will receive credit for your order.